Starting NOW, I’ll be featuring a different Fashion Blogger over 30 every Monday. Our first featured blogger is Marie Denee, The Curvy Fashionista and owner of Marie Denee LLC. Marie has accomplished so much in her niche, I hope you’ll find her as inspiring as I do. She’s also the author of an ebook coming next month!

Tell us a little about your blog?

I started the Curvy Fashionista in December of 2008. I really wanted my blog to be a resource and outlet for all the fashion I found that was available for the plus size woman who loves fashion. Since then, it has evolved into a lifestyle, featuring shoes, beauty, and accessories! I aim to edify and leave my reader learning a new place or designer who caters to her. In addition, it has also evolved to be a voice for the plus size woman, allowing her to be Curvy.Confident.and CHIC!

What are some things you’ve learned in your 30’s that you apply to blogging?

I have learned to accept myself as I am. It is okay if I do not fit into a mold, outfit blogging, activism, just to be comfortable where I am and with who I am. I am constantly learning and I have come to appreciate even more the relationships and friendships that I have gained over my time blogging.

In your opinion, how are bloggers over 30 different than bloggers in their teens/twenties? What value do we add?

I think each blogger is different and has a unique perspective to add and share. My perspective on fashion may be a bit more lifestyle focused, at times it can be a bit reserved, but my voice is my voice. I think as we age, we become more confident in our voice and understand the game in its entirety… as with wine, life and blogging in my case has gotten better for me! LOL

Do you think it’s harder to be a fashion blogger over 30?

I dont think so…. or at least not yet. I find my readership skews more in the 25-45 area, so they relate to me and I to them… I am not sure yet!I think age may be an obstacle but not a defining obstacle :)

What do you hope to get out of your participation in the Fashion Bloggers over 30 community?

I really love hearing and reading about the journey and experiences other people have and I love to learn. Networking, support, and knowledge!

Thanks for participating Marie! If you’re interested in being a Featured Blogger, please fill out the questionnaire.


New Blog Directory

by grechen on October 6, 2011

Things are slow-going around here lately, but I really have been working VERY hard to get a major component of Fashion Bloggers over 30 ready, and now, it’s finally here! Well, sort of. It’s here, but I am still tweaking little things (I’m a perfectionist), but the Blog Directory is ready for your submissions!!

I wanted us to have something more than just a blogroll; a place to browse blogs by niche, and learn a little bit more about the blogger. Hopefully this will fit the bill. I will probably be adding new features as we go along, and always welcome your feedback. (Actually, I need your feedback – please tell me what works, what doesn’t work, what you’d like to be different, added or taken away…)

Please go over to the Blog Directory and submit your listing! You have to register for an account and login (this is completely separate from your forum login) to create your listing, and if you have multiple blogs, you can definitely submit more than one. The image for your listing will be automatically created when you submit your blog url, but you can also upload a personal photograph to be featured next to your listing. If you need a new category added to the list of categories, let me know (you can always reach me on twitter) – I will have to add it myself.

Please let me know what you think- contact me anytime – grechen (at) with feedback.

Thank you :)


Why are we Here?

October 6, 2011

I am here because I want more meaningful interaction with bloggers my OWN AGE. I am here because we have more influence than we think… I am here because blogging is my passion, it is my job and it is important. I am here because I want to showcase DIVERSITY in fashion/beauty/style blogging. I am […]

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September 19, 2011

Hello! Welcome to Fashion Bloggers over 30! We are an open community bringing over-thirty year-old fashion, style, beauty & body-image bloggers together for discussion, inspiration, and camaraderie. My hope is that we can build a strong group of formidable women growing, learning & educating together in this community of peers. (whoa, that was really serious!! […]

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